The founding board of our association In Silico is led by four graduate school of life sciences students. These four board members work part-time to support the TranslocaCie and ConneCie committee and are there to assist all BiBc students with any questions they have!

Our association aims to bring together all GSLS students (as well as PhD’ers and alumni) that share an interest in bioinformatics and biocomplexity. This is realised by organising educational and career-focused activities such as lectures, discussions, symposia, career days, and other relevant events. But also by hosting social gatherings like casual meet-ups, weekend getaways, game nights, and other enjoyable activities. 

By serving as an extra information link between the students and the university, our goal is to provide you with all the essential resources to make your study time a memorable and enriching experience! 

Are you or do you know people who might be interested in becoming a board member for the academic year 2024-2025? Feel free to reach out to us at with all your questions!

From left to right: Jasper Bell, Anna Delhaas, Floor van der Zalm and Famke Schulting

Chair: Floor van der Zalm
Secretary: Famke Schulting 
Treasurer: Jasper Bell 
Acquisition: Anna Delhaas