In the academic year 2022-2023, Floor, Jasper, Madelon, Cecile and Ron came up with the idea to organise social activities for all BiBC students in order to let them stay connected during times in which everybody was doing their internship at a different place. Together they formed ‘TranslocaCie’, with the main aim to organise a fun social weekend for all BiBC students. 

Besides this, a monthly borrel was held at the Bastaard. Also, at the end of that academic year, a BBQ was organised for all BiBC students and teachers. Around that time, Famke joined TranslocaCie to help with the organisation of the first BiBC weekend, which was realised at the start of academic year 2023-2024. 

From top left to right bottom: Madelon Zwerink, Jasper Bell, Ron Geurts, Cecile Herbermann, Famke Schulting and Floor van der Zalm

This first BiBC weekend, at a mini-camping in Raalte, was a great success! Many first-year students, as well as second-year students joined, which formed the opportunity to discuss the in- and outsides of our study in a relaxed setting, while also having fun and getting to know each other a bit better!

During the weekend, a lot of other students expressed interest in organizing activities for our master. This collective enthusiasm sparked the idea of forming an official study association! Moreover, alongside the continuation of the social committee called TranslocaCie, a new career committee named ConneCie also took shape.