TranslocaCie is the social committee of InSilico. We aim to connect BiBC students in a relaxed setting outside of academics and try to make sure that your time in Utrecht is not only educational but also fun! After all, the people who are now your fellow students will be your future colleagues, so getting to know them now will give you a great network later.

The two main tasks of our commission are organizing the introduction weekend at the start of a new academic year and organizing smaller social events and activities throughout the year. In September 2023, we realized the first ever BiBC introduction weekend, when we spent a weekend camping and doing all sorts of games, sports and creative activities.

During 2023 and 2024 we have already organized a variety of activities, such as an end of year BBQ, a Mario Kart tournament and an ice skating class. Furthermore, we are often asked to support activities organized by either the master coordinators (poster sessions, masters open days etc) or ConneCie.

TranslocaCie consists of six or seven people each year, with people joining and leaving between academic years. We strive to be a mix of both first and second (or third) year students as well as Dutch and international students.

If you want to know more about TranslocaCie or about an activity we organize, reach out to any of the current members! After all, we are also your fellow students!

From top left to right bottom: Anastasia Goula, Luuk van Vliet, Kyran Wissink, Coen Micklei, Jasper Bell, Famke Schulting and Markel Benito Sendin

Chair: Jasper Bell 
Secretary: Famke Schulting 
Treasurers: Luuk van Vliet and Markel Benito Sendin
Acquisition: Coen Micklei
Promotion: Anastasia Goula
Activities: Kyran Wissink