In Silico members are part of the graduate school of life sciences (GSLS), which offers education for master students in the field of bioinformatics and biological modelling. As well as numerous PhD programs.

Often our students are within the Bioinformatics and Biocomplexity master or are taking either the bioinformatics or the complex systems profiles offered to other GSLS master students.

Bioinformatics and Biocomplexity Master (BiBC):

The BiBc master’s program provides a broad and interdisciplinary study experience, combining elements of biology, computer science, and data science. Students delve deep into bioinformatic data analysis and/or biological modelling.

Exploring a wide range of research topics such as disease modelling, deep learning in medicine, research pipeline optimisation in oncology and cell population modelling. During their internships, students can be found all over the UU campus at research institutes such as the Faculty of Science, the Hubrecht Institute, the University Medical Centre Utrecht, the Westerdijk Institute and the Princess Máxima Center for Pediatric Oncology as well as within bioinformatics related companies.

 In Silico aims to keep our students connected, and build a community of engaged students and enthusiastic researchers.

Bioinformatics Profile:

For GSLS students enrolled in other master’s programs but interested in bioinformatics, the Bioinformatics profile is offered. This profile equips students with essential bioinformatics skills necessary for future life science research. Students learn to implement bioinformatics tools, algorithms, and procedures, preparing them for careers in research and data-driven analysis.

Complex Systems Profile:

Students interested in modelling complex systems, including biological ones, can opt for the Complex Systems profile. This profile provides an understanding of various modelling approaches used in the complexity field, including the dynamics that underlie complex (biological) systems. Students explore topics such as transitions and predictability, gaining insights into the intricate workings of complex biological phenomena.

as partly adjusted from the GSLS-students website: